Investor Information

65,000,000 walkers, Millions of boxers,
Baby boomers and Quad/Paraplegics!
Overseas potential as well, many countries walk a great deal.
Gentle exercise for arthritics, diabetes and other physical ailments.

WIN, Inventor Services Program states, " Your project is recommended for further development and commercialization." "You have a right to be pleased with this news. Not many inventions reach this point. Less than 18% of the inventions we see receive SLR scores of 42 or more (50 being the highest and the highest awarded to date is 48). Your score (42) is even more noteworthy in light of the huge amount of direct and indirect prior art and competition in this area. In the 28 years that I have been evaluating inventions, I have seen a substantial number of exercise devices. Overall, the commercialization record has been poor. Thus we tend to be very conservative in this product category."

Investor, investor group or outright ownership.
We feel a commitment of $100,000 to demonstrate BodiWalker will lead to a great deal of money. We intend full repayment of the funds plus 10% interest at a future date (after first million in profit). The investor will own 30% of BodiWalker and be a board member.

These funds will go to:
$10,000 creating molds for plastic parts (China)
$6,000 initial plastic parts
$25,000 initial product purchase/creation
$4,000 in design work enhancing smaller version and size adaptations
$15,000 create a 1-2 minute commercial and 15 minute demonstration for the website and infomercial
$15,000 strategically placed TV ads
$5,000 registering logo, slogan and 2nd patent filings for connectors
$20,000 expenses to set up company and product for market; (Computers, business cards, brochures, forms, phones, rental building, travel, etc.)

When we have a proven track record, we intend to get bank loans or other investors if necessary.

If we run with it, we will do it with pay deferral until showing a decent profit margin.

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