The BodiWalker offers a fun and practical way for people like me, who love to walk outdoors for exercise, to get a more full body workout while enjoying natures beauty. It also can be used while seated, which makes the BodiWalker versatile and helpful to anyone. This is a great invention!
Mollie Shea HHP, CET
(Exercise Instructor)



"After testing (and evaluating) the prototype "BodiWalker", I am convinced that it would undoubtedly contribute to cardiovascular fitness for any individual that can walk. The "BodiWalker" would also contribute to upper body strength through toning and shaping the following muscle groups: biceps, triceps, pectoralis major, trapezius as well as latisimus dorsi.
As with any exercise equipment, be sure to have a thorough medical exam prior to beginning an exercise program."

Jeff Logan
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
BS Health and Physical Education, Oregon State University
MS Exercise Science, California Polytechnic State University
Certified Health and Fitness Instructor, American College of Sports Medicine.



“This could be the next $100,000,000 idea based on what you’ve told me and how it has benefited you”
Mark Knoll
15 Year Nordic Trak Patent Lawyer
Current inventor: 31 sport related inventions to his credit



"Almost immediately I knew your invention would be a valuable improvement over the current equipment we use. Watching Juan working out showed me a time saver and big shadow boxing improvement. With your vest device we wouldn’t be tied to a fixed object like the door but would be free to move about and get the same or better workout. I can also see other ways it could contribute to our boxing program."
Richard E Miller
Deschutes County Rocks
USA Level III Boxing Coach
2660 NE Hwy 20 Ste 610-335
Bend, OR 97701



Thank you for letting me try out the BodiWalker. As a paraplegic, I was very impressed with what I was able to do and the benefits people like me would gain from using your vest. May I also suggest that you could benefit quadriplegics as well, just by making the handles a little differently. I will explain it to you, but it wouldn’t require much of a change. Best of luck, I do believe you have a winner.
Carl Backstrom
Bend, OR



" Your project is recommended for further development and commercialization. You have a right to be pleased with this news. Not many inventions reach this point. Less than 18% of the inventions we see receive SLR scores of 42 or more (50 being the highest and the highest awarded to date is 48). Your score (42) is even more noteworthy in light of the huge amount of direct and indirect prior art and competition in this area. In the 28 years that I have been evaluating inventions, I have seen a substantial number of exercise devices. Overall, the commercialization record has been poor. Thus we tend to be very conservative in this product category."
Inventor Services Program